Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What makes a good blog?

"Simplified Blogging" © John Atkinson
used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license:

Now that you've completed your first blog post, maybe you're wondering if you did it right.  If you're new to a topic or an idea, it's hard to know if you understand it unless you have something to compare it to.

Activity #1: 

Can you find examples of other good bloggers? How about other music tech bloggers? What common elements to do find in good blogs?  Search Blogger by clicking on the "Next Blog" link at the top of the page.  Search Google for "Top 25 Blogs" or "Music Technology Blogs" or "Best Blogs" and comb through the results

Let's make a list of good blogs and what makes a good blog:

What makes a good blog?
  1. Pictures (and explanations) and video
  2. Good stories
  3. It has a unified theme
  4. Sitemeter or other cool things
  5. Links
What are some examples of good blogs?  Why are they good examples?
  1. 13th Annual Weblog Awards: The 2013 Bloggies (Reb Clark-incredible design)
  2. 101 Cookbooks (Lydia Thiesfeldt-interesting content)
  3. Taco Hooked Up Sportfishing (Carter Vande Slunt-interesting content)
  4. Wrong Hands (Mr. Witte-engaging design and content)
  5. sdlfkj
Activity #2:

How should our Music Tech blogs be evaluated if they are "good" or not?  Click through the following links to other school's blog rubrics and identify elements of each rubric that you think apply to our Music Tech blogs for this class.
  1. UW-Stout: Content, Quality of Writing, Graphics and Multimedia
  2. Tim Horgan: Ideas & Content, Writing Quality, Use of Enhancements (Community?)
  3. Bloom's: Blogging - Yes, Understanding - Maybe, Timeliness - No
  4. dfgdgf
  5. sdsdf

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