Monday, September 8, 2014

Dance Project One

Who is My Audience?

What should I write about in Dance Project One?  Keep in mind that there are three different audiences for your blog:
  1. Yourself - write to remember what you did.
  2. Your teacher - write to show what you learned.
  3. Anyone else - write to explain how to do the project for someone who is interested.
What things need to be in my first blog article?
  1. A Title - It should draw your reader in and be specific to the topic you are writing about.
  2. A List of Steps how to do the project.  You don't have to be as technical and detailed as my instruction sheet was, but it should be specific enough that someone can recreate what you did.
  3. Links to important information, such as words that need definition or ideas that can better be explained by reading more information on another website.
  4. Annotated Screenshots - Add at least two, one full screen (Cmd-Shift-3) and one partial screenshot (Cmd-Shift-4).  Draw and write on them in Preview.
Read the article "What Makes a Good Blog?" I wrote for more ideas.

What about Commenting?

Most people who are internet citizens are used to commenting to each other online, be it with email, Facebook, or Twitter.  Commenting on a person's blog is a great way to learn more information, make a personal connection with someone whose work you admire, and possibly get someone to read your blog.

When commenting on someone else's blog, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Introduce yourself in a way that helps them understand from what point of view you are writing: "I'm a student in a high school music technology class..."
  2. Give a compliment before writing anything else. Most people don't hear enough compliments throughout their day: "I enjoyed reading your article about [xyz]. You helped me understand [abc]..."
  3. Ask a question to engage them in a conversation so that they will reply to your comment: "Why did you...?"