Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to Link from Google Drive to Your Blog

How to link your Dance Project 1 audio file to your blog:
  1. Make a New folder in your Google Drive called "Music Tech" by pressing the red "new" button in the upper left corner. 
  2. Upload your 39 second .mp3 file from your iMac to Google Drive>Music Tech by again going the red "new" button and pressing "File Upload"
  3. Click once on the file you just uploaded to select it.
  4. Share
  5. Click on the Share button and select "Anyone with the link can view." 
  6. Copy the link (Mac: Cmd-C)
  7. Go back to your blog.
  8. Type a sentence such as "Click here to listen to my shortened version of Dance Project 1."
  9. Select that sentence with your mouse and click on the "Link" button in the Blogger menu bar.
Blogger Menu Bar
9. Paste in the link that you copied from Google Drive.  Click "Test this link" to make sure it works. Then press "OK"
URL = Uniform Resource Locator.  Most people call it a web address or a link.
10.  Go back to your blogger article and click the orange "Publish" button to see a live version of your newly created link to your song.  Click on the link to make sure it works and that anyone can listen to your song.
Press the orange "Publish" button to make your article live on the internet.

Now start typing about what you did and learned in Dance Project 1.  What should you write about?
    1. Describe how to do project in simple steps for someone who wasn't in class with you.
    2. Write about what new things you learned how to do in this project.
    3. Write about problems you encountered and what you had to do to solve your problems.
    4. Write down any questions you still have after completing the project.

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