Thursday, January 30, 2014

To Remix or Not to Remix...That is the Question!

Today I read the January SoundCloud News in my email inbox and got an idea for another Music Tech Project (or a whole second semester project) - How to Remix a Song.

What made me think of it was the following post:

Remix Local Natives "Hummingbird"

main image
Local Natives have released the stems to their album "Hummingbird" to the SoundCloud community in celebration of the record's 1 year anniversary. Download all the stems to their songs here to start work on your own remix.
That made me think of looking for lessons, tips, and tutorials on how to remix a song.  I found a couple of quick ones by
And then stumbled across a Smithsonian Remix contest using the recorded sounds of tree frogs, kookaburras, sonified x-rays and other strange and interesting sounds from their vast collections.  

I think I have to have a remix project in Music Tech.  There is so much to do!

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