Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dance Project 1 Blog Requirements

Finish blogging about Dance Project 1.  Include in your blog article:
  1. An explanation of Dance project 1 for the person who has not been in this class.  Include in your explanation
    1. The goal of the project (Why did we shorten "I Like That" down to 0:39 seconds?)
    2. What techniques did you need to learn in Audacity to do your work? (e.g. What does "Spilt New" do?, What are "Christmas Trees?")
    3. A simple step-by-step guide so someone could recreate your project if they wanted to. (Emphasis on SIMPLE)
    4. Why did you select the parts of the song that you did? What parts of the song do they represent?
  2. screenshot of your Audacity project with annotations (arrows, circles, text) that explains what you are looking at. (Remember: "A picture is with a thousand words."). Command-Shift-3 takes a screenshot of the entire window
    1. My Audacity Dance Project 1 Tracks

      Command-Shift-4 allows you to select a portion of the screen to copy

  3. Your Google Presentation on Audio File Formats with a paragraph explaining why you made the presentation and what you learned (or what the reader will learn if they click through your slides).

  1. An embedded widget from SoundCloud of your edited version of Dance Project 1.
  1. summary statement for your article  that includes one of the following topics:
    1. What did you learn in this project?
    2. What was the coolest part of this project?
    3. Something else that struck you as you were working on Dance Project 1.
EXTRA CREDIT: links to your sources (e.g. Dance Project 1 Instruction Sheet)


  1. What you did was really cool!

  2. We had to do all this thing! and it was AWSOME

  3. I liked this assignment! You're classes are very fun and you are a beautiful person :)

  4. The project was fun!

  5. The literature for a german style dinner

  6. HIIIIIIIIIIII. This was very well done. GOOD JOB MR.DALE.(: